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Xoops Cms
XOOPS is a content management system (content management system) that allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites. It is a powerful tool for developing small to large virtual communities. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database.

XOOPS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free to be used, modified and redistributed under the GPL.



Meaning of XOOPS
XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System (system for extensible object-oriented portals). Although started as a portal system, XOOPS is in fact leaving the road and Content Management System can be used as a framework for small, medium and large sites.

A lighter version of XOOPS can be used as a personal blog or journal. For these purposes, you can make a standard installation and only use the News module, or use an ad hoc module, as XPress (WordPress for XOOPS). A site of average size can use modules like News, Forum, Downloads, Links, Wiki, etc.., To form a complete community that allows interaction between users and visitors. For very large sites, such as enterprise, you can design your own modules to integrate seamlessly into the system.

Key features of XOOPS
Based on Database
XOOPS uses relational databases (currently MySQL) for storing data required for the operation of content management

Completely modular
modules can be installed / uninstalled / activated / deactivated with a click using the system administration modules.

Extensible customization
Webmasters can set or define their own elements for user profiles. Registered users can edit their profiles, select the theme of the site, send a personal avatar, and more!

User Management
The ability to search users based on various criteria, send them emails and private messages through a messaging system based on templates.

Worldwide support
XOOPS was created and maintained by a team of many volunteers working from all over the world. The XOOPS community has more than a dozen official support sites around the globe to cater to non-Anglophones.

Support Multi-byte languages
Full support for multi-byte languages, including Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Korean, etc..

Versatile system for managing permissions of the groups
Powerful and user-friendly system that allows administrators to easily set the permissions of each user group.

Customizable interface based on themes
XOOPS is based on a powerful theme. Both administrators and users can change the look of the entire website with a simple click of the mouse. There are currently more than 200 subjects distributed by graphic designers.

Smarty templates engine
Smarty is fully integrated into Xoops and allows almost complete separation between the code of page layout (HTML tags) and the programming code (PHP). In fact supports the creation and interpretation of meta-tags that facilitate the reusability of code.
  • http://www.xoops.org/
  • http://www.xoopsitalia.org/
Source: Wikipedia.org

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