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What is Twitter and how to use

What is Twitter?

Twitter helps people communicate and keep in conttatto exchanging messages fast and frequent, long 140 characters. Choose which messages you wish to receive and how you want to receive them, or search through all the updates to see what Twitter users are talking about.

What it means to follow a Twitter user?

Follow someone on Twitter is to see the updates on your public timeline. For example, if you're following Poshy, you will receive the updates on your homepage when you access the Service, or directly on your mobile if you have enabled this service. The statistics on the number of people you follow and who follow you are available on your profile page. If you follow a user, this user can also send private tweets, direct messages called.


Look who is following you to your connecting the follower and amend the list of people you follow on your page of people you follow

Are you following me? (What are followers of twitter?)

Followers are people who receive your tweets. If you follow someone, you are their followers - meaning you get their tweet on your homepage. If someone follows your updates, that someone will be one of your followers - you will receive your tweets in its homepage on your phone or on other applications (like Tweetie, txt, etc.)..

Follow a user is not paragobile the friend request typical of other social networks

Unlike most social networks, the follow on Twitter is not a user is characterized by reciprocity. In short, those who believe that you will be interesting to follow your updates and your approval is not required in this regard so as not necessary that you follow that person. You can easily decide to follow that user or to change your mind later. To do this, simply visit the profile page of the user and click on the button to stop following that user, Twitter does not send any message to notify you when someone stops following him.

If you want to be able to allow those who want to follow you, you can protect your account. It applies the same rule above - you can approve who will follow your updates but that does not require you to follow that user. If you change your mind, you can visit your page for users who follow and remove those who no longer want to follow.

How do I follow someone?

Twitter is flexible - you can follow users in different ways. You can follow someone:

from the web

Click the "follow", located under the photo of the user profile on Twitter.

If an account is protected, the owner of that will need to approve your request before you can receive your update. You can import your contacts from your address book to see if your friends are already using Twitter or invite friends who are not using it yet.


Send a text message to Twitter with the words "follow username" to begin to follow your mobile phone. For example: follow jymminie.

Note: When you enter your phone number on Twitter, we'll give you a phone number to which to send SMS.

Mobile Web

If you have a portable web browser, connect to m.twitter.com others to follow, just as you normally would on the web.

If you need to use the site in complete form, displays the same in standard mode.

A third-party application

You can follow the user through any application developed by third parties that provide this function. Tweetie, for example:

allows the user to follow or stop following others and can use all the other features of Twitter. Choose your preferred method and Tweet wherever you are.

You may be wondering ...

Can I restrict who follow me or see my updates?

Yes: Protect your account. Protect your account means that any user wishing to follow your updates will send an authorization request. Only authorized users will be able to see your updates on Twitter and they do not appear in search results.

Once you start to follow someone, can I quit?

Yes Go to the profile of the user who no longer wish to follow and click the button that appears to expand the drop-down menu, then click on "remove". Twitter does not send a message to notify you when someone stops following him.

I do not want a particular user can receive my updates at the same time do not want to completely protect my profile.

When nothing else worked, you can block a user and prevent him from following. Find the link in the sidebar of the profile page.

Source: http://twitter.zendesk.com/entries/77602-cosa-significa-seguire-un-utente

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Shorten the URL of your site

Shorten the URL of your site

For those who need redirect service or have a domain name too long to remember, there are providers that offer this service for free
The service is to redirect to the domain name you have chosen.

Webtool.it - go to the service

This service allows you to have a domain name:


You can change the redirect at any time.

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Nvu deputy editor of Front Page or Dreamweaver

NVU Editor per pagine web
Used to create websites with Front Page or Dreamweaver, NVU today we no longer need to pay the licenses of those programs. Nvu is the substitute for anyone who wanted to create websites without sacrificing useful features that allow it, with this program you can create Web sites with no experience of code, anyone can create their site with some pazzienza.

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Gmail Applications - Downloads

Download Applications for Gmail

Applicazioni Gmail - Gmail Application We list some good tools and useful programs for advanced management of your Gmail account. Some of these tools are really necessary and useful, such as the first gmail Notifier.

Turn your Gmail account into free online storage.
Creates a virtual file system and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your Gmail account Directly from inside Windows Explorer.
Turn your Gmail account into free online storage using a tag system.

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