Profile 1.65
Verbose Validation Edition
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Profile of Profile version 1.65 is a module for XOOPS That Allows for a registration to be done and verbose comments on user profiles.

This has a field for validation That Allows for Text Match, RegEx Validation SQL or To Be Used To Prevent people registering with your website without HAVING sometype Such validation of data as an existing email address or an invite code burdens or regular expression statement.

Still Featuring Multiple Fields, 2 Types of validation – Which one uses JSON; That the other uses the $ _POST Field validation method.

Simply upgrade your existing XOOPS XOOPS Profile 2.4 or 2.5 to 1.65 to experience the difference. We can really recommend XinCodes 1:02 for a user based invitation to be done.

I have Amended the changelog and added the full featured system for verbose validation of a registration form. And You Can Have multiple stages of validation, to step on. This Means Our clients will Have The Option To Have Either a closed system through email or other system of referrer.

This is now bug free and fully featured profile in the 1.6x series of minor version number. It is ready to be distributed with XOOPS 2.5.1 and 2.4.6 Any future versions of

In this version you will Have to select the rules you Want to be used on a field validation Unlike the version discussed earlier Which ran all matches, this is so You Can Have multiple stages of registration validation.

There are three types of validation These Are Explained below and will need to be formulated into a technical brief:

Validation types

Any clause for preg_match regex will validate the field if this is specified as on of the fields validations.

Match Text

Any binary match of the string specified here will validate

SQL Record Count

That A Select statement returns a record count only, if the count is over one then it validates. There is Some scripting with the sql for example [value] will insert the text field value of the field validation, and / or you can include other fields in the form for example the one for username Would Be [uname] and You Can Have Multiple of options like [uname | password] Which Would occurring insert the first field with value of Either username or password.

An example SQL script is this one for checking if the client knows an existing email address:

SELECT COUNT (*) FROM ` prefix_users ` where ` email ` LIKE '[value]' AND ` level ` > 0

Just say for example you have a list of usernames in the table “ prefix_badusernames and you wanted to check email and username Could you step on one of registration do The following:

SELECT COUNT (*) FROM ` prefix_users ` a , ` prefix_badusernames ` b , where ` a `.` email ` LIKE '[value]' AND '[uname]' NOT LIKE ` b `.` uname `

Download: xoops2.5_profile_1.65.zip113 Kb

Demo: Pre installed at or try and put in my email address for validation. Notice how it Unlocks the form wherever it is.

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