Alexandria Book Library Alexandria Book Library is a Joomla component That make you the ability to manage your personal book library or a public library. Book Alexandria Library is free and open source. Features * Free! ;-) * * MVC structured code book management: o Title or Subtitle or Alias (SEF for optimization or Search Engine Friendly URLs) or Category or Image or Insert Date or Year of publication or Place of publication or Authors or Editor or Catalog number ( multiple selection) or Price or Number of pages or ISBN or Author of Review of Alias or author of reviews or Review / Introduction with plugins support or URL and it’s label or metadata (description and keys). Will be inserted into document meta tags for SEO scope (Search Engine Optimization) * management Authors: either Name or Alias or Image or Description (Bibliografy, Introduction, etc) * Editors management: o Name or Alias or Description * Category management: o Name Alias Order or or or or Permissions Description * Place of publication management Library management * With the publication frontend you can choose from: * Single author: the menu item will show That all book from author * Single book: this book will show a single choosen * Categories: this option will show the whole library categorized Category *: this will show all books only from That category * Search: the visitor will get the search engine Alexandria Alexandria Book Library Book Library can be published more times on the examination site. This way you let you to Improve site with many different views.

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