Art iSlider Art is iSlider Joomla! That module contains two sliders: image slider and slider article. Contains two sliders in one extension: * Article slider slides articles in a nice way apple. Features: Scrolls or articles or in a fancy way Each Can Have an article or assigned icon Can show nice looking icons or tooltips for Dozens of auto scroll or fade transition effects + can be stopped by double clicking on the link or article or Readmore Icon bar can be shown on top or bottom or demo: * Image Slider. Features: either 9 or keyboard navigation transition effects and slideshow support or built-in directional control and navigation or demo: Version history: Version 2.3.0 : – IE6: support Better Version 2.2.5: – Fade effect Version 2.2.0: – Icon bar can be shown on top or bottom Version 2.1.2: – Styles improvements Version 2.0.3: – Minor fixes and improvements Version 2.0. 2: – Several fixes Version 2.0.1: – Minor fixes and improvements Version 2.0.0: – added Image Slider Version 1.2.1: – Several fixes, performance improvements Version 1.2.0: – Can show read more link in the tooltip know user can go to the full article – Sozens of transition effects for slides Between Version 1.1.0: – autoscroll support – support Tooltips Version 1.0.2: – Supports up to 14 icons / articles

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