AutoTweet NG Pro AutoTweet NG Pro is the enhanced commercial version of Our Well Known AutoTweet NG component. The Pro version adds support for multiple channels and Facebook. AutoTweet NG Pro posts the title and url for new Joomla articles, forum posts etc. Automatically as a status messages to twitter or / and Facebook account. The Pro version is available on a subscription basis. At the moment The following extensions are supported: Joomla core content articles, Agora forum, FireBoard forum, K2 article manager, Phoca Download, Eventlist, SimpleCalendar, SOBI2, Remository, VirtueMart, QuickFAQ, MyBlog , DOCman, JReviews (via NG AutoTweet Content Pro-Extension), redEVENT (3rd party), redBOOKING (3rd party) JEvents (3rd party). AutoTweet With the new NG-Pro Content Extension Also there is support for All That use extensions Joomla article table and the core generators article (Article-Generator, pressetext4Joomla, RSS2Content, 4RSS, Generally with all articles added via RSS or XML-RPC, …)!!! Features: * Customizable: account, category / section to post for, link position, show section / category, modified post articles, use title or text message for … * Automatic support for short URLs:,, (also with and Custom Pro short domain), Yourls (use your own url shortener) * Works with Most SEF extensions. Tested with: sh404SEF, JoomSEF, AceSEF and – of course – Joomla! embedded SEF support. * Automatic resending message: AutoTweet Automatically resends the message status if there is an error on api / server side. * Also Post later published or republished articles and publish articles with present date. AutoTweet * NG comes with a backend component. The component logs all messages posted and you can manage this and resend messages in the backend components. Autopublish * / * Approve feature Multichannel architecture: You can add new channels and I know you can post to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also you can post to a Facebook profile, page and group account for the examination. With the rules engine you can select channels by category or to post for text terms (cat 1/term post article from 1 to twitter, to facebook cat 2/term 2, …). * Use your own app / api key to show your own branding INSTEAD AutoTweet the logo / text. JoomFish compatibilty mode * * cronjob feature Requirements: PHP 5, PHP cURL support (with SSL extension for https), Joomla 1.5.4 +, 4.1.2 + MySQL (MySQL 5 recommended) Change Log: * Version 3.0RC: new feature: select channel by category or text term (post article from cat / term 1 to twitter, cat / 2 term to facebook, …); Also Some minor fixes and Optimizations. * Version 2.3: bugfix for duplicate entrys in the message queue; bugfix for problems with special chars (utf-8) When posting is done by cronjob (This fixes Also The Twitter When posting error 401 Not Authorized by cronjob). * Version 2.2: cronjob mode; and support for Yourls; enhancements for debugging and logging; JoomFish compatibility mode;

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