Billy Portfolio Today we will create an animated portfolio gallery with jQuery. The gallery will Contain a scroller for the thumbnails and a content area Where We will display details about the portfolio item. The image can be enlarged by clicking on it, making it Appear as an overlay. The idea is to animate the content elements Whenever a thumbnail is clicked. We will animate the heading from the top, fade out the previous image and slide the descriptions from the sides. ** Features List: ———————– ————————————————– ———————————————- + + Able to Enter Web URL / Desc / Thumb / Medium and Large Prview with details. + + Attractive When You click Left thumb panel thumb ITS Gives whole detailes with preview on right portion. + + When you Click on Right Side picture display enlarge Web ITS Web Preview and click on it so you get back on page. pogress + + We will know soon as you get more facility step by steps. ———————– ————————————————– ————————————————- If You want the HTML version for Same Extension then visit Link Below: 1.1.2 Update: Now Big When You click thumb on the ITS website related open URL in new Tab you know Able to visit site examination. ** Download Instruction: Go to Download page Where We puted One Click Download button press it and get Billy portfolio Extensions and enjoy with it. ** Support Our Team: If you like Please Please Vote for Our Extension then us, Our Developing your team need additional supports so please give your valuable time for voting.Thanks in Advance. ** Suggestions: Let us know us your comment and suggestions on

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