Component Access Permission ComponentAccessPermission Plugin – An important additional funtion That Was missing in Joomla 1.5 With ComponentAccessPermission Plugin, you can permission in September for Any Manager / Administrator to access defined components / tasks. (Back-end) – NO RESTRICT WITH SUPER ADMINISTRATOR. If You Want to restrict Back-end users for access or use for demo site (only allow access to the demo extensions), ComponentAccessPermission Plugin is Powerful Extension to do this. Features: – Disable Administrator Edit / Disable / Uninstall this plugin. – Access Permission type: Allow / Deny. – Set access permission for invidual user – Set global access permission for Manager. – Set global access permission for Administrator. – Customize redirect message. Usage: Userid | com_com1? ACT1 = value11, value12 & act2 = value21, value22, com_com2? ACT1 = value11, value12 = value21 & act2; value22 …|[ allow / deny] Explanation: [allow / deny] Userid to access com_com1 with ACT1 IN [value11, value12] AT & act2 [value21, value22] com_com2 with ACT1 IN [value11 ; value12] AT & act2 [value21, value22] com You can add more, act, value like form above. com-com separated by "," com-act separated by "?" act-value separated by "=" value- value separated by ";" act-act separated by "&" Example: 68 | com_modules? task = add, edit, save, apply, cancel, com_plugins? task = publish; unbublish | Allow 69 | com_content, com_banners? task = add , edit, save, apply; cancel | deny 85 | com_content, com_menus, com_banners, com_virtuemart, com_docman | Allow 99 | com_menus, com_banners, com_modules, com_docman | deny Explanation: – Only 68 userid Allow create new module module exist OR edit, publish OR unpublish plugin. – 69 userid Deny access to com_content, create new banner banner OR edit – Only Allow 85 userid access to com_content, com_menus, com_banners, com_virtuemart, com_docman – Deny access to com_menus userid 99, com_banners, com_modules, com_docman … (See more at the Instructions and examples? Download page)

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