Conversion Splash You work so hard to market your website to get the visitors to show up, so why not try everything possible to get Them converted into a customer, registered member, a mailing list subscriber? Did You Ever Wish That You Could Have a second chance at making a salt? The Conversion Splash plugin for Joomla 1.5 will give you That SECOND CHANCE! Here’s how it works and it is SO SIMPLE! This tiny, yet Powerful little script plugin Allows you to gain a second chance to convert your website visitors. 1. You get a visitor to your site. 2. That visitor reads Some content and looses interest. 3. That potential customer closes the browser window to leave your site. 4. That happens When the potential customer gets a popup window with your custom text in it Asking Them to click the OK button. 5. Then the potential customer is redirected to your "upsell page" where you get a second chance to convert into a customer That visitor, registered member, subscriber mailing list, or all three. Exit Turn Your Traffic into Pure Cold Hard CASH

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