Ethane Datemill – Community builder, social networking script, dating script

Etano Datemill - Community builder, social networking script, dating script And an open source script suited to creating all kinds of community. It adapts well to create community, dating sites, social networking site, a classifieds site or any other type of site involving groups of people, companies, products

User Features

* Photo Albums unlimited number of photos, public / private photos, watermark support. Photo Caption for support. Ajax photo rating. Can leave comments on photos.
Captcha Support * All forms that are available for non-members can be protected by a text-image to prevent automated registrations and spam.
* Saved Searches Members can save their favorite search criteria to make easy the same searches later. They can also receive alerts based on research and can make a research of the default search engine.
Profile Search * Ability to search by any field, distance, location (country, state, city). Basic and advanced search forms available.
* Advanced system mailbox messages States States and flirt. Optional e-mail notification of arrival of the message. e-mail folders of users and message routing (ie, all messages from "John" should go to the folder "1" and all messages from "Mary" should go to the folder "2"). support output, spambox (the junk mail folder) support. Ability to save drafts of the message to easily send the same message to multiple members.
* User Preferences Members can set their own preferences of how to use the site, they can see their photos, blogs, on / off comments on their profile / photos / blog, with your time zone.
* Blog personal blogs for each member. Quick access to the most recent blog, the most popular blogs, most viewed. Ability to search by keywords.
* Comments Registered users can leave comments on profiles (like a guestbook), the photos of other members and on the blog.
Member Networks * Members can add other members of their network of friends, bookmarks, etc.
* Block members Members can block other members to contact in any way.
* Site News Latest news related site (published by administrators) directly on the home page of the member. Also available as RSS feeds.

* See the DEMO Ethane Datemill

Administrator features

* Profile Questions / Fields Unlimited custom profile questions. Unlimited custom profile categories (basic profile, physical education, etc..) Ability to split the questions into categories. Number of pages customized for registration. Full Control the visibility, changeability, the searchability of questions.
* Administrators / Moderators can have two types of administrators: administrators full access to all admin panel and moderators who have access only to the functions of State management.
* Screening can choose between self-endorsement profiles / photos / blogs / comments or manual approval by moderators.
* Customizable flirts define any number of flirtation. Flirts can contain text, images, flash. There are two types of flirting: the greetings and responses.
Membership * Full control over the membership management, access to functions, subscription plans, prices. Equity Trial and supports auto-subscription (free for women, men paid for, etc.).
* Rate Limiter ability to limit the number of messages, flirts, etc. shall be done to minutes / hours / days / months. Also useful to limit the number of failed logins allowed one member in a given range.
* Ban Members Disallow access to the site by IP address / username. Combined with the speed limiter function above you could effectively prevent spammers / scammers Nigerian / hackers to access the site.
* Payment Gateway You can have any number of payment gateway set up. Users can choose how you want to pay (credit card, paypal, etc).
* Live Activity Monitor to see real time what users are doing on your site.
* Represents the user Sometimes an administrator must log on as a user to help solve a problem. This feature allows one-click access to admin user accounts.
Mass Messaging * Ability to send mass e-mail or mass messages to site members. Ability to send newsletters to subscribers who have opted for this.
* The mass action if necessary, an administrator can approve wholesale / suspension / cancellation States.
* Payment History can view all payments made over a period of time, see the total number of transactions, etc.
* File Browser File Browser Ajax & WYSIWYG (?) File editor to edit files easily.
* Statistics and advanced statistical charts and graphs that can show the growth of your site in an easy to understand.
* Banned Words Do not allow your members to use indecent language in their profile, blog, comments, messages.
* Management of the default application comes with some states, cities and zipcodes included. You can easily extend the default list to include the counties and cities from your country, if the default application does not have them already.

* ADMIN Ethane Datemill View Demo (username: admin password: demo)

General features

More languages * Easy admin interface for translating messages from one language to another and creating language packs.
Skins can have any number of skins for the site for members to choose from.
* Image Watermark customizable text to stamp images. Ability to activate the on / off.
Captcha Support * All forms that are available for non-members can be protected by a text-image to prevent automated registrations and spam.
* You can view Smilies smilies in posts, blogs, reviews, profiles
* Modular design with support for plug-in and widget base. Extend the script with the new forms has never been so easy.
* Support for scheduling of events based on event-driven programming is a way to keep your changes separate from our changes in the file. In this way, the updates you receive from us will never overwrite your custom code.
Scripts installation answer a few questions, click Next and the script is installed. So easy!
* Backup the database, click a backup for the database containing the valuable social data.
* Model-based design of the site is separated from the encoding. Your designers can do their jobs without compromising the developers or vice-versa.
* CSS Based Design modern, CSS-based design, table less rigorous XHTML1 compatible.
* Clear, non-coded right, you get the source code so you can make your changes to the script, if necessary.
* Cache to support high-volume sites, most of the data is stored in the cache. Instead of accessing the database for each request, the data is retrieved from the cache for faster delivery and lower the load on the database.
* Smart cron jobs There are a lot of maintenance work that needs to run to keep up the good functioning of the site. Still, you should set only one job, one time.
Your host does not run cron jobs? No problem, contact us to get your work done at a distance.

Script Requirements

* PHP 4.4.0 + Ethane Although it can run on older versions of PHP, we believe that this is a security risk.
PHP 4.4.0 was released on 11-Jul-2005. If the host has not been able to update in a long time so you should switch to another host.
The script should work with PHP configured as a fast-cgi cgi or module, but the Apache module is tested more. You should avoid safe mode for PHP. From our test Ethane is working in safe mode, but you will get some errors.
* Support MySQL Ethane need a MySQL database to store all members, friends, messages, blogs, etc. If you are using php5, mysql driver must be enabled.
* PHP mail () support The host must allow the use of the mail () function to send email to your members. Note that your host should not limit the number of e-mail you can send per hour or day, or some emails may not reach their destination. Please check with your host.
* PHP GD2 graphics library with support for FreeType Ethane needs the GD2 library to create thumbnails of photos and other photo manipulations.
If the server does not support the FreeType library, Ethane will work, but will not be able to use the captcha picture and watermark features.
* The host must allow Cron Jobs to run a cron job every 5 minutes. Note that some hosts do not allow all the cron jobs, others do not allow them so often. Check with your host.

If you do not allow cron jobs, please contact us to discuss the possibility of having your cron job to run remotely

Download the script

Download Ethane Datemill Social Network Open Source Script

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