eTicket is an assistant online request system written in php and uses a mysql database, easy to install and use. Useful for those who must provide online support to customers via ticket mailed to and received from customers via email.

Features eTicket

Main features:

  • Supports aliases / piping with perl gateway
  • Supports POP3 access with optional crontab.
  • Uses Perl gateway, PHP backend and MySQL database
  • Handles and unlimited email
  • Admin / Supporter / User panels
  • Intervals e-mail to prevent autoresponder loops
  • Max allowed us to limit the user can have open tickets
  • Filters to remove messages in replies
  • Accept attachments and limit size

User Features:

  • Login with e-mail and any ticket assigned
  • View all tickets sent from that email

Admin / Staff Characteristics

Administration features:

  • Completely delete tickets from database
  • Create categories (departments)
  • Represenatives Create (supporters)
  • Define groups
  • Edit or disable response messages
  • E-mail alerts compatible with pagers
  • and much more …

Personal Characteristics:

  • See only tickets in departments you have access to
  • You can not delete tickets

Latest Features

New features include:

  • Easy to upgrade / install
  • Easy to style using themes
  • RSS feed for customers
  • Captcha on web forms to reduce spam
  • Configurable Spam Assassin mod for
  • Improved language support with changeable language file
  • Predefined / canned response resposes
  • Better search functionality
  • Ability to assign representatives for tickets
  • Built in flash-based MP3 player