When I was a kid my dad used to practice His typing skills (on a real typewriter no less) with the phrase:

Now is the time for all good men to Come to the aid of their country.

For Some Reason That has stuck with me All These Years. Today I’m going to re-purpose and Rephrase That Line:

Now is the time for great theme to developers as to the aid of their community.

The theme directory chugging along for Has Been More Than a year now. During That Time We’ve tinkered with the review process and the burdens of management tools, But Have not really Opened it up as much as We’d like. It’s time to rip off the band-aid and Take Some Action; To That end, we’re looking for community members to help with the process of reviewing for the themes directory.

Right now this is a bit like a New Year’s resolution to Exercise Every Day: it’s what we need to do, But We’re Still Figuring Out Exactly how it will all work. That’s part of the Community Involvement as well – we expect That Those Who Also pitch will help shape the process.

What’s Involved in reviewing themes for the directory? There are Some Obvious things, Such as Being familiar with PHP code and WordPress theme (and the theme development checklist ), with an eye for security issues. Would You Also Need To Have the ability to set up a separate install of the latest version of WordPress theme submissions for testing.

Hopefully A Few talented theme developers are reading this right now and to Themselves Saying, "I’d love to help! How do I get started? "Just join the new theme reviewers mailing list and we’ll get you up to speed on this new opportunity to Come to the aid of your community.