XOOPS 2.5 It’s time! To learn more about this wonderful version, the Arabxoops Community is pleased to meet the developers of this version. FormusS Was Our Choice, and below is the interview in Inglese.

Who’s ForMusS?

ForMusS is only a nickname for xoops.org, my real nickname on the French site is supoort Musso.
(On Xoops.org, we must have More Than Five characters, I know I have Decided to merge my site and Foreach Musso). In reality, my real name is Nicolas Andricq, I am 29 years old and I live near Lyon .

What is your expertise?

Professionally, I am project manager in a software house. The burdens Develop business applications in Progress ABL ( Example ) for other clients.

What got you to XOOPS?

In 2004, I Sought a way to create a website to manage a list of flash games. I first started with a forum (phpBB) with many mods, But Some update was after Particularly complex, an Easier way I wanted and I stumbled on XOOPS.

I knew nothing about PHP, CSS and even HTML, But one day I started to modify the theme, then I wanted to create a module and I Became addicted:)

What do you like the Most about XOOPS?

What I like about XOOPS ITS is simplicity. This allowed me to learn PHP and create modules. And then, the XOOPS community around me is this great help in learning.

What is your major achievement in programming That You’re Most Proud Of?
Of course the 2.5 version of XOOPS is Probably the largest work I have provided.

But first, I learned a lot about the core of XOOPS XoopsHack with the module, this module with automatic overide Provide an admin area.
Content modules then Also helped me to Improve in the use of the XOOPS API and PHP class.

What about your experience in Xoops 2.5?
XOOPS 2.5 allowed me to use jQuery.

Also it allowed me to work with team members from all four corners of the world.

You got the chance to rewrite the core in 2.5, what are the features you’ve added? and What is That You Wish You Could But added:

XOOPS version 2.5 is not a rewrite of the core, But Rather That module of the system.

In order to keep it compatible with the next version (eg: X3), It Was Necessary to limit the changes to the core (except the bugs) and make the new Thus without changing the old one.

Xoops 2.5 is full of new innovations, what are we other innovation Expecting?

This version Completely re-did the administration, But does not change the overall operation.

For me there are still many innovations to integrated. Version X3 will enable us to do it.

After the release of 2.5, and the intorduction of X3, How do you read the future XOOPS and what are your aspirations for the future?

With this version and future versions of XOOPS, XOOPS think I will become one of the Most Important CMS.

But do not forget the basic Principle of XOOPS: its simplicity.

It enables developers to offer new things and make it evolve.

What would you wishes and advises haves for the Arab community and for XOOPS Xoopsers arround the world?

I hope everyone has fun with XOOPS and in Their Personal Life.

It is in this spirit That we can move forward and progress.