Serge D Has Been For Some time hard at work on the theme for GreyDragon Gallery3 . It’s one of the core team’s favorites, and if you’re looking for something other Than The stock Gallery 3 theme, it’s definitely worth looking into! Here’s what Serge has to say:

Started as a way to move my photo gallery into G2 G3 world, the theme GreyDragon is now 1.5 years old. The main goal has been to build a simple yet robust and configurable minimum with JavaScript Functionality theme for my web-site, all while having fun testing new things. In part inspired by Mustafa Incel’s Carbon theme for G2, GreyDragon now has over 30 configuration options and Numerous color packs, making it The Most flexible G3 Theme available.

Colorpack examples

So check it out !

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