Quickstart package is a customized package of Joomla, with which you can install the cms but with some changes in most (components, templates, modules, plugins, bridges, and various customizations).

Here is a guide to creating custom packages for Joomla (Quickstart package), this guide helps you realize your custom package Quickstart, you can then create any kind of site pre-installed such as: joomla e-commerce, joomla listing, joomla community , etc. ..

To start we need of course to Joomla. Choose the version that interests you, download it on your PC.

  • Suppose we use Joomla 1.5.15
  • Suppose we have an already installed joomla.
  • Suppose finally that we have already done all of our customizations, and we want to create a Quickstart package.


1.Create an empty folder and call it ‘Il_mio_J1515_quickstart’.

2.All ‘inside this folder we have to copy the entire contents (all files) of the root of our custom installation of Joomla, but the file’ configuration.php ‘;

3. Unpack the archive version of Joomla you just downloaded to a temporary folder (eg ‘joomla-package-complete’);

4. From the folder ‘joomla-pack-full’ takes the whole directory ‘installation’ and moves into the folder created in Step 1, ‘Il_mio_J1515_quickstart’;

Note: Although you can override later is better at this point delete the file ‘sample_data.sql’.
File located in this path: Il_mio_J1515_quickstart installation sql mysql

5. Log on now to the console of phpMyAdmin and select the database that corresponds to our installation of joomla.

6. Select the "Export" and in addition to the default settings we have (very important) also select ‘Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT’!
Check this box to ‘Save as …’ (Uncompressed) and click ‘Run’. After saving the file to your local computer, we need to rename it ‘sample_data.sql’;

7. Copy this last file ‘sample_data.sql’ inside the folder:
Il_mio_J1515_quickstart installation sql mysql

8. Compacting the folder ‘Il_mio_J1515_quickstart’ formats. Zip

At this point we can say we have created our package ‘Quickstart’ custom ready to be redistributed.

Note: The guidance should, in theory, be good for any version of Joomla 1.5.x

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