jQuery++ Integrator This plugin Brings jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Tools to your site. It Supports Both grabbing the libraries from Content Delivery Networks (cdns) and local copies, Allows to activate jQuery.noColflict () if Necessary fashions. As well it Already includes one of jQuery UI themes, uiLightness (and you can download and use Any Other theme). Latest jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Already Tools versions are included. And you need not to depend on plugin updates: you can always cdns grab and use the latest libraries from the Web For Several cdns there’s an option for automatic HTTP HTTPS switching. Version 1.5 Released: Added HTTP HTTPS auto selectors, jQuery updated to 1.4.4, jQuery Tools to 1.2.5, added support for Microsoft CDN. Version 1.4 Released: Updated version to jQuery 1.4.3, jQuery UI 1.8.6 to Version 1.2 Released: jQuery.noCoflict optimized mode activation, Which Causes no conflict with mootools (special thanks to Umut Kirgoz) Version 1.1 Released : added an option for controlling Whether it’s Necessary to embed jQuery libraries to AdminPanel. By default this is Set to off. Visit my website: http://tushev.org Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tushevorg Please do not forget to rate this extension or post a comment.

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