LimeSurvey is that it contains everything you need to do almost every survey. Some of its features are: unlimited number of surveys at the same time, the multilingual surveys, manage users, create a printable version of the survey, evaluation surveys, anonymous or not – and many other anonymous survey.

LimeSurvey (formerly known as PHPSurveyor) is an application distributed under the GNU GPL version 2, written in PHP and MySQL-based database, PostgreSQL or MSSQL. Allows the creation of online questionnaires and surveys, without requiring special programming knowledge.

The polls you create can include branching, custom graphics, thanks to a system of templates in HTML and provide various statistics on the results collected. They can be either public or with restricted access by using password "one-time" (token), different for each participant. The findings, regardless of the type of public / private survey can be anonymous or nominal.

Many hosting services offer pre-loaded version of LimeSurvey as well as an installation ready to be activated, either through a web control panel, such as cPanel with Fantastico, Plesk and virtualmin Professional. LimeSurvey was also brought by third parties on different content management systems such as PostNuke, Xoops and Joomla.


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