I am looking at forming a team for documenting the Modules Team and the Core Teams and changes in the wiki to go through the forum and find discussion topics to help turn sheets guidances and manuals.

I am looking for anyone with background in Technical Writing That Wants to Contribute to XOOPS under my management team to document the XOOPS Core Modules & XOOPS XOOPS Hacks.

Part of What Makes a good product is the team behind Explaining how to use it .. XOOPS is no exception. With Most books on XOOPS in other languages apart from there is a need for Italiano documenting to be concise and easy to form.

Ideally I am looking for a team of 10 people .. Both Male and Female and the role comes with training and support material references .. I am looking to change my role at XOOPS from the core to under-write documentation manager.

You can contact me about this by The following way:

IF You Do not Have 8 to 15 hours to a fortnight dedicated to documenting XOOPS then please do not apply, there are no age young guns and Some Restrictions Would Be Good.

I Have Noticed with the younger crowd here at age XOOPS They Feel That there is a hindrance on getting Involved, if you are Between the ages of 16 to 65 These are ideal ages to sign up and get motivated – so please write me an email attach your resume if you have one (This is voluntary / charity role) and send it to your senior XOOPS Developer.

You need to Have at least in written language in italiano (for translating other languages desirable) and need to haves medium to advance technical writing skills.

Forum for dicussion: forumpost324086

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