Mailster Mailster – a flexible solution for Joomla Features mailing list – For Group communication and newsletters – Usable with Any POP3/IMAP email accounts – Recipients are managed by the admin in the backend – Users can (un) subscribe with frontend plugin (optional) – All Joomla users can be Chosen as recipients, additional users can be stored – Users Can Be Organized in groups – single users or whole groups can be added as recipients of a mailing list – mailing list Replies to posts can be forwarded to all recipients – Backend mail browsing the archive for emails – Full attachment support – Seamless installation: all plugins are included and are installed Automatically – Inglese, Germany and French translation included Designed for all … – That users are tired of group messaging systems require That Another login – users Who Want to Communicate With Their favorite mail client – That admins are tired of updating personal details on different systems – admins Who Want to Be Able to Use Within Joomla users as recipients of a mailing list ———– – ———— Changelog Version 0.2.2 (12/09/2010) – No error Indication on Correctly dropped mail – No wrong "too many recipients" warning mail Version 0.2.1 (12/08/2010) – Description field added for users (optional) – Resolves issue with character quoted-printable emails – Import of UTF-8 CSV files working – Fixes BCC sending mail servers on Windows Version 0.2.0 (12/02/2010) – Sender choice permission added ( options: admin only, recipients only, all) – CSV user import (Name, Email), direct import into groups / lists – Reply only to sender added (optional) – added Copy to sender (optional) – Custom mail headers, footers and Subjects possible – French translation added – Optimizations for larger mailing lists, improved reliability and performance – Resolves issue with special character quoted-printable emails – Resolves issue with non-HTML conversion multipart HTML mails – Mailboxes and Sender Connection Check fixed – Block registration Attempts When Our site registration is disabled Also offers Mailster Professional on a subscription basis. You do not need in order to subscribe to download this edition of Mailster, though. It is downloadable free of charge and without registration.

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