MediaWiki MediaWiki is a server-side software based on the wiki philosophy, written in PHP using a MySQL or PostgreSQL.

MediaWiki is licensed under the GNU GPL and is used by the Wikipedia project, other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, and many other wiki-style sites.

Its logo is as its markup language uses double brackets to link ("[[","]]") articles, as opposed to CamelCase. MediaWiki is capable of interfacing with other optional programs, to improve performance and functionality. Support for memcached, Squid cache system, and rendering TEX math, are all available in the current version. An extension system allows you to add additional functionality and interfaces.

MediaWiki was originally written for Wikipedia by Magnus Manske. Wikipedia UseModWiki initially used (also known as "Phase I") and is passed to the new version ("Phase II") January 25, 2002. In May 2003 we moved to version 1.3 and to 1.4 in December 2004.

A later rewritten and improved version of the Phase II software was once known as "Phase III". It was later renamed MediaWiki recognizing that the software was able to support not only Wikipedia, but other projects, and that we needed a more meaningful system of version numbering. The MediaWiki software was named as a pun on the name of the Wikimedia Foundation, the founding mother of Wikipedia.

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