Automatically Generates MetaGenerator plugin description and keywords meta tags by pulling text from joomla content. With this plugin you can control Also Some title options. Canonical URL Has Been Added, currently only for com_content article view. New version 1.2.7 + – Fixed canonical url for com_content, category view When SEF is enable. – Fixed error for database query view article When the view is not an article (example : submit article form). – Added the option again to disable the plugin on two frontpage users requests. Version 1.2.6 – Added category and canonical for com_content section view. – Added the option to Set the maximum number of characters from article to be processed by Metagenerator. Version 1.2.5 – Added compatibility for special character "&" in title page. – Fixed issue with metadesc / metakeys. Not working Properly if only one is empty in the database. Version 1.2.4 – No added features, minor bugs fixed and code improvement. Version 1.2.3: – Added language files – php string functions with JString Replace functions – Remove keywords generation and metadesc for frontpage, category and section pages based on first article of the list (not useful for SEO purpose, I think …). Thanks to Andrey for His suggestions. Version 1.2.2: – Added option to disable the plugin on the frontpage . – Added the option to replace sitename with category name in the article view. – Fixed bug on keywords array. Version 1.2: – Added the option to replace "sitename" with "CategoryName" in article page. – Added meta tags for articles canonical url . – Improvement in keywords generation.

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