PrestaShop e-Commerce

PrestaShop PrestaShop e-commerce solution is a free open source and free. E ‘available under the Open Software License and has been officially launched in August 2007 by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Lévêque in Paris, France. The software uses the popular Smarty template engine, also makes great use of AJAX in the admin panel.

Used by approximately 24,000 shops continues to rise.

PrestaShop is available in over 40 languages including Italian, but the official forum answers only in English and French but Italian community are emerging that should provide support to users of this script. PrestaShop is full of additional modules or plug-in has paid or free, able to increase its capabilities for many different purposes or needs, you will also find a wide variety of beautiful graphic templates for free or have charges.


PrestaShop is available for download as a ZIP file, about 6MB in size. In addition, the merchant must have a domain name and a server with Apache or IIS is already configured:

* Web server (Apache web server 1.3 or later, IIS 6 or later)
* PHP 5.0 (*) or later
* MySQL 5 (**) or later
* Linux, Unix or Windows operating system installed as

(*) These versions of PHP 5 prevent the proper functioning of PrestaShop (is not recommended for use on these versions):

* PHP 5.2.1 (Authentication is impossible)
* PHP 5.2.6 (server authentication is impossible under 64bits)
* PHP 5.2.9 (image management / upload broken)
* PHP <5.2 (time zone is an invalid date)

(**) Is PrestaShop job to MySQL 4.1.14 to 5.0 too, but some functions do not work (for example, duplication of the product) or have some strange behavior

Front Office:

  • special offers (discounts, gift certificates)
  • Products featured on the home page
  • more sold on the home page
  • New items on the home page
  • ‘Free shipping’ offers
  • Cross-selling (Accessories)
  • product image zoom
  • Order out-of-stock items
  • Customer subscription & user accounts
  • Unlimited payment methods
  • Payment by Bank Transfer
  • Google ? Checkout module
  • Cash-On-Delivery (COD)
  • Preconfigured for Paypal ?
  • contact form to multiple recipients
  • Product tagging & tag cloud
  • Search
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and credit slips
  • Package tracking
  • Offer gift – wrapping & recycled packaging
  • PDF customer invoice
  • Shopping Cart recall
  • Sale of virtual goods and services
  • Custom Favicon
  • RSS feed
  • Newsletter opt-in
  • ‘Pick up in-store’ option
  • customized products (text and images)
  • Wishlist
  • Loyal customer program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Sponsors benefit program to a friend
  • Customer reviews

Back Office:

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • With all the WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • Unlimited product attribute combinations
  • Unlimited product specs
  • Unlimited images with automatic resizing and optimization of file
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlimited tax settings
  • Unlimited carriers and destinations
  • Tax by the state, country, areas, or no taxes
  • Decreasing prices (quantity discounts)
  • Real time exchange rates
  • Inventory Management
  • SMS / text message alerts
  • Add / delete function modules
  • Barcode
  • Context Help
  • Attribute Generator Combo
  • Delivery status notification e-mail (customizable)
  • Unlimited languages
  • Import / export language translations
  • 13 default language translations
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Friendly URLs / Permalinks
  • 100% modifiable graphic themes
  • Back Office users and permissions (ACLs)
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Minimum order amount
  • Newsletter contact export
  • Alias Research
  • Bulk lister / import. CSV
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption
  • Visitors online
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Reports
  • Customer groups

Official Web Site:
Download PrestaShop

Here’s the Italian version that includes some changes compared to the standard version:
Download PrestaShop Italian version

1) added fields in the tax code and VAT registration, modification and display in backoffice
2) added form for the acceptance of privacy before the registration
3) added to complete the Italian translation
4) systems with the new fields in the invoice form pdf
5) insertion of an additional payment Free Cash-Ticket