Spider Menu We have created unique sliding navigation box. The idea is to make a box with the slide out menu item, while a thumbnail pops up. We Will Also includes a submenu box with links for Further Some of the menu items. The submenu will slide to the left or to the right menu item Depending on Which we are hovering. Main Features: *********************************************** ******************************************** * Unique Sliding menu with thumbnail and submenu item. * Set all things from Section Administrator. * Able to Change the background color for Menu / Menu Title / Description Menu. * Change Images from Section administrator. * Unique Sliding Effects with jQuery. * Able to Set Submenu 1 to 4 with Every Menu. ************************************************** ** ****************************************** Spider Menu Live Example: http : / / fan.aelysia.net / design / http://www.communicationfactory.nl/ ** Update 1.1: Chrome and Safari Issue Fixed. ** Update 1.2: Fixed Jquery Conflict Solution. ** Update 1.03: Z-Index Problem Fixed. ** Support Our Team: If you like Please Please Vote for Our Extension then us, Our Developing your team need additional supports so please give your valuable time for voting.Thanks in Advance. ** Suggestions: If you have any suggestions then leave mail on pulseextensions@gmail.com

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