Theme Configuration Module 0.1 alpha version is available.

Included are three themes so you can try to play with it and send suggestions for final version and bug Corrections.


modules Tcm -> Theme Configuration module.
themes default-css -> -> thanks to Ianez
themes maitscocorporate -> created by Maitsco
themes maitscoportal -> created by Maitsco

Install As Any module of xoops, xoops copy the module to the module folder.

Install the themes if you wan’t Because They Are The Same as the original author created.

We are going to need to configure Some files and folders.

In the module is only need to set write permision to admin / profiles folder.

In the theme folder xoops theme is going to be need to Set css write permision,

xoopsroot / themes / default-css / style.css
xoopsroot / themes / default-css / style.css xoops-
xoopsroot / themes / maitscocorporate / style.css
xoopsroot / themes / maitscoportal / style.css

And thanks to Look Good for Maitsco These nice themes.

Instalation available video, sound is in spanish.