Tienda is another promising component for Joomla to create a shopping cart for shopping sites. Stands out the multilingual function with the system checkout easy-going are important topics that can be persuaded to try this component. He has nearly 30 different extensions that allow you to easily manage your online store. One of the major features of this product is the integration feature of Joomla with its code – it is very important for both users and web developers.

Some of the nicest features:

* Unlimited Products and Categories
* User Group Pricing
* Unlimited User Groups
* Selling subscriptions (recurring and non-recurring)
* Selling digital downloads
* Integration with billets, Juga, Amigos, and the core of Joomla ACL to sell the functions of each of those components
* Execute a SQL query after a user purchases a product, so you can integrate with any extension out there (like the sale of membership Jomsocial group or group membership Agora Forum)
* The products with a single click that link
* Creation of product packages
* Content Plugin to add-to-Cart buttons insert products’ in every item of content, including the zoo, K2, and FlexiContent
Reviews and Ratings of the product *
* Product Cloning
* 8 elements and Joomfish translations available
** CS-CZ
** De-DE
** ES-ES
** Fr-FR
** It-IT
** Nl-NL
** Sv-SE