[Edited based on feedback in the comments below]

We are looking for best videos presenting XOOPS, and Especially focusing on 2.5 features.

We’ll Have two categories:

1) Education, focusing on XOOPS 2.5

For example:

a) In Spanish (by Uskola 2)

b) In Italiano (by Vamptrix)

c) In Italiano (by Mambo)

But as you can see, They are just "quick and dirty" productions, and now we’re looking for more polished and more fun, so be creative

2) Marketing / Promotion

For example:

a) XOOPS Promo by SailJapan

b) Trailer XOOPS Draft by Mamba

Of course, they’re focusing on XOOPS Could Be in general, and not only on 2.5 features.

All of Them Could Be a regular video recording, or a video presentation (eg PowerPoint or Another presentation made in package) and then converted into a Video That We Could post on YouTube. It’s up to you ….

So let your creativity juices flowing …

Deadline: March 1st

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