XOOPS Toolbar

This is my first theme addon and consists of a Facebook style toolbar specially created for XOOPS.

The toolbar offers an alternative method of navigation for registered and unregistered users alike. Its aim is to be a tool which allows sharing links via popular social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to name just a few.

It also allows the admin to quickly jump to few of the most used administrating features XOOPS integrates and it offers an overview of online visitors displaying a box of online users be they anons or registered users, as admin you can also view the IP address of each visitor helping you to easily identify possible spammers.

The toolbar integrates 3 major tools:

– User Menu, which also visually notifies you of any new/unread messages;

– Social Networking posting, allowing the visitor to easily post to their favorite social network (facebook, twitter, myspace)

– Online presence which substitutes the default XOOPS block “Who’s Online”

And last but not least, the toolbar also includes a login box and a registration link for the anonymous visitors.

The toolbar can be minimised at will and as a nice touch, it “remembers” if you have closed it or not when you visit the site again.

The toolbar is distributed as stand-alone and can be incorporated in virtually any XOOPS theme and its avaialable for download to our paid subcribers and it will be part of all themes “aphexthemes” will release in the future.

Current version is 1.0 and it will be further developed to integrate more tools and make it more powerful for both admins and regular visitors so make sure you keep an eye on our forums.

The toolbar can be viewed in action on aphex themes

And you can get it HERE

For support with this item do not hesitate to post in our forums