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Fake online! for jomsocial frontpageDesigned for new sites that have little or no members to help get the ball rolling. Please check the picture of the back-end parameters below for a better understanding of how this works. The fake online module for jomsocial frontpage gives you full control over the amount of members and guests online on your site, you also have control over how long these members stay and appear online. (these are fake member avatars included in the module it does not force real members to appear online when they are not, the logged in end user however will appear online in the module) When an end user logs in they will see their avatar in the module and other fake avatars that are online. (please register on the site I have disabled activation emails so you can log in striaght away, upload an avatar and you will see yourself in the module with the fake members) The module comes with over 100 avatars that I have hand picked myself to look like real profile photos there are no photos of super models infront of a white background! You can easily add your own avatars by uploading them to the images folder in the module there is no need to rename them the module will pick up all graphics in that folder, to save on server resources its best to resize your images to the size you will use ie. 45x45px as if they are bigger they will be resized on the fly taking up server resources. The module is simple: Set the minimum amount of members and guests you every want online, the amount online will never drop below this. Set the maximum amount of members and guests you want online, the amount online will never go above these values. A random number of guests and members will be chosen between the values you have set and will stay online for how long you want (Please note the logged in user will also be added to this number) The time store option allows you to choose how long the members and guests stay online the default is 30 seconds so every 30 seconds the number of members and guests online will change according to the values you set above, this will create an illusion of fluctuating traffic on your site. Is your site in another language? then changing the members and guest text is easy there is no language file, you can edit the text in the back-end parameters easily. Please note that all fake online modules are designed to sync together so you can use this with standard joomla fake online and the standard jomsocial module and they will all show the same members and guests online for the same amount of time. Please see our community page on our site to see 3 modules working together at the same time.

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