Google Maps CoordinatesGoogle Maps Coordinates for SOBI2. This plugin adds link “Get coordinates” and “Show map” in “Add/Edit entry” form in front-end and back-end. After clicking first one there are set coordinates in form depending on address in this form without showing map. After clicking “Show map” there is displayed Google Map in modal window with marker pointing to found location. Marker can be dragged to correct its position. When new location is set in modal window there is displayed message. Plugin can also convert coordinates to GPS format and set it in fields – specified in plugin configuration. You can customize plugin in administration panel and by editing CSS file. FEATURES: – setting coordinates depending on address – setting coordinates without showing map – correcting localization on map with draggable marker – converting coordinates to GPS format – supports Internet Explorer 6+ – supports Mootools version 1.11 and 1.2.x – Google Maps API v3 NOTICE: Remember to select Map Latitude and Longitude Fields in SOBI2 View configuration and publish those fields in Custom Fields Manager. INSTALLATION (common mistake): Install plugin via SOBI Plugin Manager, not Joomla Installer! UPGRADE: Uninstall old version in SOBI Plugin Manager and install new one. All configuration will be kept. CHANGELOG: —– 1.2 Release 08-12-2010 —– * extended SOBI configuration check * improved getting value form federal state field if it is select list —– 1.1 Release 21-10-2010 —– * changed Google Maps API version from 2 to 3 * removed gm_alert config key * new CSS and JS code * new language files —– 1.0.4 Release 08-10-2010 —– * fixed fatal error in administration while trying to get coordinates —– 1.0.3 Release 30-09-2010 —– * fixed warning with Google Maps API Key in plugin administration even if it was set —– 1.0.2 Release 27-09-2010 —– * fixed problems with Gallery Plugin for SOBI * fixed reordering fields in custom Entry Form template * added SOBI configuration check in plugin administration * added code in plugin administration for displaying link Get coordinates in custom Entry Form template —– 1.0.1 Release 23-06-2010 —– * fixed CSS file extension in gmapscoords.xml

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