Peoplesign photo captchaTired of distorted characters? Try peoplesign, a photo captcha service. *Site visitors easily recognize objects in photos *Customize easily: number of photos, size of photos, photo categories *Can be enabled for registration, contacts, forgot password *Backwards compatible with php4 systems *Beta support for the following popular Joomla Extensions: K2 Kunena Virtuemart It’s free, and we greatly appreciate any feedback. We are committed to making this plugin a success. Unfortunately, this plugin is not currently compatible with our Community Builder extension. However, we’re working on merging the two. If you really want this feature, email us and it will inspire us to work faster. We have a bunch of other improvements we’re working on, and we’re struggling to deliver them all quickly with our current team size. But this is a great problem to have! Always test before putting a new extension on your production site! Problem installing? Suspected bug? Want phone support? 831-233-6777

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