Youtube GalleryYouTube and Vimeo, Google Video The extension that shows a gallery – catalog of selected YouTube videos. All you need is to create a gallery and add list of video links, then add menu item of YouTube Gallery type and select the gallery. Also you may use it as a Plugin. Example 1: {youtubegallery=My Video} Example 2: {youtubegallery=3} Where 3 is “Gallery ID”, you may see it after adding a new gallery in Components -> YouTube Gallery * 1.1.1 Google Video support. * 1.1.0 Vimeo support. Now is possible to include videos to the gallery. * 1.0.9 Border, border color, navigation bar color settings has been added. Repeat video fixed. * 1.0.8 “navigation may be displayed behind the videos” bug fixed, thanks to Hagen Fenris. * 1.0.7 CSS Styles for Gallery Name, Active Video Title. Now you can use gallery name as well as id in plugin. Table replaced with div element. * 1.0.6 CSS Styles for component, thumbnails e.t.c * 1.0.5 SEF support for plugin. * 1.0.4 SEF support – supports Search Engine Friendly URLs. * 1.0.3 Minor fixes. * 1.0.2 Setting of the gallery can be used by the Plugin as well. Much easier to use the plugin. * 1.0.1 Plugin added * 1.0 First release