OXID eShop Community Edition

OXID eShop Community Edition

OXID eShop Community Edition is a flexible and open source software. Thousands of companies around the world use its extended features to create optimal solutions for eCommerce. Thanks to its modular, state-of-the-art and standards-based architecture, customization is easy.

The Community Edition is licensed as free software and open source under the GNU GPLv3, and the Professional Edition uses a more permissive license sales, says our ERP / SOAP interface and comes with warranty and tops. Apart from this, the Community Edition has exactly the same set of features and is available for unlimited use. This is the so-called "dual licensing".

Main features of OXID eShop Community Edition (GPLv3) are:

* An exceptional feature state-of B2C and B2B commerce social scenarios
* Sophisticated, server performance, resource-friendly
* Easy installation, rapid market
* Search engine optimization based on the latest technological standards
* Optimized usability and the shopping experience of consumers
* Powerful integration marketing
* Easy to manage by means of efficient administration
* Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
* Wide range of visual and functional adaptation
* Clean, consistent and well documented source code developer-friendly
* Modular architecture, object-oriented for easy extensibility and customization
* High quality and robustness of software as a result of our agile development process with unit testing
* Fully expandable to OXID eShop PE and EE without losing data

With our open-source approach we invite you to build an ‘architecture of participation "with us. You are invited to realize projects of the state of the art of e-commerce for you or your customers. Translations of the admin and user interfaces are also highly welcome as your creativity in creating new templates and themes that can be shared throughout the world community. The modules and extensions can help others to improve functionality or to connect to other systems and services, as a provider of payment or ERP software. You will be able to upload and distribute forms, translations and themes from our website.

Support for CE OXID eShop will be provided by the community. The best place for this is our forum. Here you can meet and discuss with other developers and, of course, with people from OXID that will help you find the best ways to achieve successful projects or extensions. Also, if you register for our community-newsletter will keep you informed of what’s happening around the world all-OXID.

If we come to a point in your business-critical electronic commerce project, where you need immediate help or assistance, we are able to offer you our professional support – subscriptions with guaranteed response times and our professional service packages that help with the first steps of installation OXID eShop with the optimal configuration. Of course we are also able to show a migration path OXID eShop Professional or Enterprise Edition.



  • Apache Version 1.3 or higher
  • at least 100 MB of free web space
  • mod_rewrite module installed capacity


  • MySQL 5.0.33 or higher

Due to a bug in MySQL 5.0.36 and 5.0.37, the ‘OXID eShop is not working correctly with these versions. If you are using MySQL 5.0.36 or 5.0.37, MySQL to update a newer version.


  • PHP 5.2.0 or higher. Due to performance reasons, you should use PHP 5.2.6 or higher.
  • September memory_limit to at least 14 MB. Memory_limit of 30MB is recommended.
  • Enable allow_url_fopen or fsockopen to port 80
  • Set variables or Apache REQUEST_URI SCRIPT_URI
  • Switch off compatibility mode in PHP4. (Zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = Off)
  • ini_set allowed
  • register_globals off
  • The following PHP extensions, which must be installed:
    • GD Lib version 2.x
    • MySQL-Module für MySQL 5
    • bcmath
    • JSON
    • php-xml
    • libxml2
    • iconv-extension
    • tokenizer
    • mbstring

* Problems can occur if PHP 5.2.0 is installed as an Apache module on a 64-bit operating system. By using this combination, PHP upgrade to a newer version to avoid problems.

Download OXID eShop Community Edition – (requires registration)