As announced last month, the Gallery team has been hacking away on all things Gallery 3 in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last 2 days. Here’s a few things you might be interested in:

  • Photos! – These are just mine and I’ll be updating them as the weekend continues, and we’ll have a full list of photos once we’re all back at home.
  • User Survey Results – Julia, our OpenUsability student for 2009, stopped by to present the results of the user survey that she conducted over the past month which is full of very interesting information.
  • Gallery Trac Timeline – We’ve found a lot of new bugs and fixed a lot of bugs (including major things with “organize” and contextual menus), and created a bug category for documentation issues. The timeline shows most of the details.
  • Our “team dinner” isn’t until tonight, but we’ve already managed to drink a lot of beer (including local beer made with chili peppers) and eaten a lot of great food.
  • It’s been great having a few people that aren’t on the core team stop by! Hopefully a few more people will be able to stop by next year.

While we’ve gotten a lot done, there is still over a full day of coding to go and we’re planning on releasing the final beta of Gallery 3 really soon!

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