The program is able to track, analyze and provide detailed reports with graphs and statistics, the following information:


  • Generate reports on a monthly basis and with the general percentage and graphical representation.
  • Sorting data in reports to any value.
  • Advanced page of results for a more fluid reading.
  • Setup file and update for installation and configuration easier.
  • Ability to search all the major areas of the report.
  • Generation of data on average daily and monthly basis.
  • The count of active users on the site.
  • Number of total visitors and pages viewed.
  • Calculating the total annual and monthly access.

Profile visitors

  • Operating system, browser, resolution and color depth of the users.
  • Language of the browser by double-control and User Agent Languages Accepted.
  • List of systems navigazionecon graphical icons and reports.
  • Details of each visitor.
  • Historical movements in the website.
  • User IP addresses
  • Countries of origin of users with graphical representation and percentage data.


  • Pages visited in route mode and address.
  • Grouping pages to verify the path for the particular conditions of marketing.


  • Statistical reports hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.
  • Page views and unique visitors with advanced graphical display and statistics.
  • Displaying a calendar with monthly summary.


  • Verification of technical marketing and promotion by tracking a wealth of information relating to the engines and searches.
  • Search engines, keyphrases and search queries used to reach the site.
  • Details of search engine queries, or grouping.
  • Location of the site in search queries (function SERP)


  • Possibility of establishing an initial number of page views and / or unique visitors.
  • Custom Setting the difference now between servers and PCs to manage server residing outside of Italy.
  • Check individual tracking functions with the possibility of activation customizable to improve server performance.
  • Protection with password settable statistics on different levels of security.
  • Excluded from the monitoring of individual PCs by IP addresses, IP classes or Cookie.
  • Support customizable skins to adapt the program to the layout and graphics of your site.
  • Multilanguage support for the implementation of translations.
  • Delete the data to limit the size of the database.
  • Compact and Repair Database to maintain efficiency.
  • Debug icons automatically disallowed.
  • Self-test of the new versions.
  • Check the server configuration.

Download ASP Stats Generator 2.1.5 – released at 01.06.2008