Audio editing / ripping

  1. Mp3tag : ID3 tag editor for audio files. It supports a myriad of standards.
  2. Exact Audio Copy (EAC alias) : extraction of audio tracks from CDs
  3. CDex : extraction of audio tracks from CDs
  4. GXtranscoder : drive in various audio formats
  5. MediaCoder : Audio and video batch transcoder, all-in-one package with support for various audio and video
  6. Streamripper : in combo with StationRipper allows the recording of HD audio streams (such as web radio)
  7. Reaper : designed for recording, arranging, editing, mixing and rendering of audio files
  1. Lame codec : better compression codec MP3, more info here
  2. RazorLame and winLAME: Front-end for the LAME codec
  3. MPC codec : best codec for the audio quality
  4. Encspot : histograms show through, the quality ‘of the mp3
  5. Mp3 gain : Advanced Audio normalization without loss of quality ‘mp3
  6. Musicutter : mp3 and ogg vorbis joiner / cutter (without recoding), cut mp3 track compilation only if accompanied by. cue
  7. mpTrim : silence removal, and FadeIn fadeOut, normalize audio without re-encoding
  8. Mp3DirectCut :
  9. Audacity : audio editing
  10. Anvilstudio : midi editing