Construction sites and portals for dealers or car or motor boats.

Web sites for car dealers, motorcycle or boat with the main and most used by the industry giants ( If you want a site like this, you can count on us.

Car dealer software features:

  • The application is to create a directory divided into categories such as industry (BMW, Audi, Fiat, etc. ..) which will list the available cars, including the different options (color interior and exterior car model, year, Registration and more ..
  • A customizable search engine model, year, color, etc. .. makes it easy to search by the site’s users.
  • The system includes the online publication of boards of vehicles in order to show your visitors all the available vehicles in your living room space. Vehicles may be for sale or rental of your choice. Every visitor or seller will have a dedicated area where you can check the ads that will be inserted. This system with a dual function because it can be useful for your sellers can enter their cars will find that in their private area.

We are also available for other systems better suited to large car dealerships with many sellers where they can monitor their sales, commissions, etc. ..