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You can use the Internet for free calls or low cost?

the answer is yes, today’s technology with VoIP lowers costs and allows you to call and receive from all over the world. The only thing we need is a computer with ADSL connection, plus a microphone and loudspeakers, as an alternative a simple headset. However, there are mobile phones that connect to the PC so that we can use them in the traditional way.

Using VoIP lowering the cost of telephone bills because we do not need more than the phone line but only the ADSL line.

If you already have these features are ready to install one of these programs allow you to immediately call the other side of the planet, without spending anything.

offers the software free to download and then register at your site and begin to call for free to all users who have Skype installed, too. The program allows you to insert the names of your friends in a convenient phone book, not to mention that if you have access to a webcam you can video call, cieò you can see the person you call if also in front of his PC. Skype also allows you to call even pay you to have your phone number and you can buy packages of phone calls at low cost.
Click here to download your free copy of Skype

InternetCalls other VoIP service similar to the first

Alktro similar service that rings the landline phone at home is normal VoipDiscount

You can find more such services on Google by typing free Voip

Alternatively you can always use a service like Miscosoft Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, but for this you need a PC with ADSL connection WebCam microphone and speakers for the party