Dir2web is a particular cms cms which differs from the usual, this works because on the contrary, that creates a cms from the documents or photographs, may be useful if you want to turn your website into html in php.

[Versione italiana at -> http://dir2web.webmetaphor.eu/english.php ]

Dir2web is an innovative software in PHP / MySQL that also allows users who have only a minimal knowledge of information technology to quickly and easily create complex websites!

Dir2web is licensed under the Open-Source and is freely downloadable and distributable.

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Dir2web is a content management system (CMS) open source can be used to create entire Web sites uses a very simple approach to automatically build the layout is that the structure of the site starting from a collection of documents organized in a folder structure . The name "Dir2web" refers precisely to the transformation of a system of directory Web site

The construction site is carried out in four steps:

1. Preparation of documents on a local computer: they can be text, images, flash files and generic to offer for download.
2. Organize content into folders (which can be nested) as you would if you were in a logical order a set of documents on your hard disk
3. Upload-via-FTP directory structure just created on the server that hosts the website
4. Updating the site administration page online.

The folders are transformed into web pages related (linked) to each other and the contents of each folder are translated in the contents of the corresponding web page.

The analysis algorithm first checks all the directories and recognizes if a folder (daughter) is contained in another folder (father) and, if so, the page creates a link between father and daughter. This will create a site that reflects the tree structure of folders originally created.

In a second step for each non empty directory you create a single web page files in the folder will be used to create the contents of the corresponding web page according to the criteria listed below:

If a directory contains a single text file, it is displayed entirely. If, however, there are many texts, are made visible in a box only the first 800 characters of each, with a link to read the rest. Any links within the text will be approved and made active, the bold and italic can be specified using normal HTML tags (or <b> and <i>).

If a directory contains files, those small (<400x300pixel) are displayed normally, while the large ones appear as a link that allows you to view them on a single page. You can specify the thumbnail (thumbnail) to display instead of the original illustrations in the case of the latter are too large, and inserting them into the folder named with the same name as the main image by adding the prefix "_mini_.

You can use flash animation (shown in full on the page, whatever their size).

Other types of files are included as links so that you can download.

The display of the content on each web page is different depending on the context of the page. A context is determined by the number and type of files in a folder. The software recognizes different types of context: the blog (just a set of texts), gallery (along with images only), download, or mixed (folder with multiple file types at once).

You can insert into each web page files with special behavior, such files have names that begin with the reserved character ‘_’. They can be used to specify images or text with special significance (particularly _header _footer and allow you to insert elements at the top and bottom of the page) and other applicants.

The administration of such sites is made possible through a specific page (admin.php), protected by username and password.

The sites are generated by CMS dir2web standards-compliant CSS 2.0 and XHTML 1.0 and meet the basic guidelines for accessibility by people with phisical.

Official site: www.dir2web.it