Disaster Recovery

Programs to recover mistakenly deleted data, to better manage your operating system Linux, Windows or Mac

  1. BartPE Builder : Create a custom Windows-based live cd
  2. SystemRescueCd : cd with bootable Linux kernel and utility to restore disk after a crash
  3. Ultimate Boot CD : collection tools of all kinds. See list on the official website.
  4. Part Image : Clone Ghost / Drive Image / True image, has some limitations on NTFS, check website.
  5. PCinspector : retrieve deleted files incorrectly
  6. Restoration : retrieve deleted files incorrectly
  1. Free Undelete : recover deleted files
  2. Administrator password lost? : utility for cracking the admin password on NT systems
  3. Syncbackup : Folder Synchronization and backup utility
  4. Abakt : utility to make backups
  5. Cobian Backup 7 : Schedule backup, FTP support, command line
  6. WinBackup : Creating backup, very user friendly
  7. Partition Logic : stand alone system to partition disks.
  8. Gparted : partition manager CD and LiveUSB