Ex Zikula Postnuke

Zikula comes from PostNuke open source CMS to create suitable sites and portals of various kinds, in particular stands out the feature to create multilingual sites
Download http://zikula.it/files/Zikula-1.1.1-FULL-ITA.zip

What type of site you can build with Zikula?

The keywords of Zikula are flexibility, power and safety, then a CMS is not specific to a particular situation but designed to fit the needs of the user. With the existing modules you can do a semi static site, as well as build a community, a blog or an e-commerce and the funding of the framework can be developed quickly as any other form you need. Some examples of what you can do:

  • Community-based forums, profiles and private messages
  • Single set of blogs or blog
  • E-commerce and catalogs
  • Internet-based services
  • Sites or portals for companies and businesses
  • Static sites of any size
  • Newspapers and online
  • Collection and cataloging of documents, and media images

And so on … the list could be endless.

Core Features

PostNuke Now let’s see what are the main features of the core Zikula implements.

  • Easy installation: the process occurs through a simple graphical interface;
  • Web Administration Panel: You can administer all the modules from the web, without the need for FTP access to edit its content;
  • Complete modularity: the system consists of core modules, each administrator can install only the components necessary to maintain the system clean and lean, without impairing the power;
  • System templates: all core and use the official forms templates and therefore adhere to overwrite global systems-level and subject, can use the caching system and can be easily modified;
  • Granular permissions: permission system based on groups and up to 9 levels of privileges;
  • Search engine: Zikula implements a search engine that can be easily extended to user-written modules
  • Short-URL: You can make the broad Zikula shorter and more readable in 2 ways;
  • Mail configuration module: you can use an external SMTP server to send mail;
  • Multilanguage support: You can install as many languages you want, being able to diversify the content according to language;
  • User registration: The registration can be customized and disabled as desired by the administrator, among the default recording mode free, with control of e-mail or with the approval of the administrator;
  • Dynamic user data: you can define new fields or remove existing users from the profile completely dynamically, without modifying any files;
  • Authentication: Zikula can be integrated with an LDAP server;

Zikula also as a framework implements many useful tools for developers:

  • Application Program Interface: API through each module can communicate easily and quickly with the system components, incredibly extending the possibilities of each component;
  • DBUtil: using these libraries is possible to work with the database without writing SQL code and transparently to the platform, then write code compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle;
  • pnForm: thanks to this fantastic library, you can automate the process of reading, validation, integration or rejection of input forms. In my opinion, really a great tool;
  • WorkFlow: using this form you can implement workflows for some operations;
  • PageLock: This module provides a means to lock a page while you edit and avoid having two people simultaneously modifying the same object, overwrite each other’s work;