Installation on Xampp Maximus Bs

Guide maximus cms

Here we are after the first 3 tutorials for the world and Xampp Maximus BS, now as the last step that remains is to describe how to install our server xampp Maximus, previously installed and configured, for those not able to read the previous tutor, I can do by Maximus BS Tutorial


Well the first thing we have to procure the package directly from Maximus BS BS Download Maximus

Well now that we have the zipped package on our pc is not unpack it with winzip or winrar, in my case use the version winrar

Ok once unpacked everything we prepare. Htaccess file for you is that it works locally .. To do this we open with an editor. htaccess file in the folder Maximus_Fuzion_BS_16_05_2006 just unzip and we carry to line 78 and 79, where we’re going to put the hosts on our server, which in our case is localhost



Well, once you have arranged. Htaccess file, there is nothing more than copy the entire contents of the html folder in the existing package of Maximus BS and transfer it to the folder C: Program Files xampp htdocs

Database Preparation

The only operation to be performed will be to prepare a database to allow the installation of Maximus BS to enter all data related to your portal to do this we http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ linking to the URL when you arrive in the page phpmyadmin administration will not have to do is create a database from the specific section, the example shown in the figure below indicates that I am creating a database with the name foo

Well once we set out and prepare for the installation of our real propia Maximus BS


We are ready to install, if you did everything correctly by opening your favorite broswer and typing the URL http://localhost you will find the front screen of the installer of Maximus BS

Here you will not have to do is choose the type of language after selecting one of three flags on top, here you can see if the directory permissions are correct BS of maximus, in our case being all green means that we can continue with the installation by clicking Next up

Well in this step we will not have to do is accept the license conditions by ticking the box below … this is done we can always go ahead with the installation by clicking Next

Password with phpMyAdmin

Well guys here we get the usual configuration on your database, as you can see from the figure is set correctly for use with a DB named foo, you should put that as the password you set previously, unless you have previously run a configuration with the password, I refer you to this Tutor

PhpMyAdmin without Password

Here shows how to configure the parameters, always using a DB named Goofy, but with PhpMyAdmin no password, as you can see the field on the pass has been purposely left blank, right after you’ve entered all the data to the database can continue always with the installation by clicking Next

Here we will check all the modules that we want to install now, without having to add the administrative panel of BS, once we have finished click Next to go to next step

Here we include only the data related to our administrator account, so useless to dwell more ‘from time!

From here you can either select the graphic style of your website, and the graphic style of your administrative panel of Maximus BS

Here you will enter the general data related to your site such as:

– Name of your Site
– URL of your Website (Leave it as it found the path to the sect by itself)
– Relative path of your Website (Leave it as it found the path to the sect by itself)
– Filename admin.php
– Email Site Administrator
– Slogan of the site
– Prefix of the cache files (leave the original default setting)
– Language of the site (Do you need to set the Italian language)

It is strongly recommended to make sure you select the Italian Language otherwise will load the database in French!

Here you can see the executive summary of your choice during installation, we continue in the same way by clicking Next

In this step you choose how to present the site at the end of its installation, you have three different possibilities based on experience and skill of those who will manage, mentor if you’re reading this, I think you have some problems or you are a beginner then there Board to choose the first or the default, which is set in almost all parts.

This is finally the final stage, at this stage you are done thanks for choosing this version and remind you that for security reasons you have to delete the folder Installation advice here … do this before accessing the site I recommend

Well we’re done, if you have backed it right the result is as follows:

Well with this tutorials concludes the series on the server and xampp Maximus Bs, here I address those who for reasons insane defendant’s version of Maximus BS inadequate and insecure in its installation, for various reasons, I wanted to show that such claims were only the result of inadequate setup Xampp server, with this renewed my regards and I hope to see everyone coming together with a tutorial for this great CMS "Maximus BS"