JoomlaStart – Easy installer, Easy Installation Joomla.

Tools useful to install Joomla open source cms in two mouse clicks, no need much time to transfer all files via FTP, but with this tool will save much time because this will work for you.


– Joomla.Start.php upload the file to your server via FTP. – Call http://sitename/Joomla.Start.php page from your browser and follow the instructions.
– Take the package to install and remember to give write permissions to the folder.
– Install and then delete the file Joomla.Start.php

JoomlaStart That is a tool will help you install / upgrade Joomla software much faster just by uploading one file on your server and running it!

What do you Have to do in order to install Joomla on your site by Using Our tool:

Our one-get script file and run it on your server

What happens next:

-We will atempt to download Joomla and install it’s files Automatically, When finished you will be taken to it’s configuration screen

-That ‘s it – no more multiple uploads, no need to make downloads on your computer


– The latest Joomla version is always on top of the list So You Can Easily install / upgrade your software

– It’s fast, Faster Than manually downloading it and uploading Each File

– You can setup multiple Joomla installs on the Same Machine

– You can even select Which version of Joomla to install


– Joomla.Start.php file


– Joomla.Start.php upload on your server
– Http://sitename/Joomla.Start.php run and follow the Instructions
– When installing Joomla to make sure the specified directory That directory is writeable


To access please click the link below JoomlaStart demo

JoomlaStart demo


Download the package from

If you Would like to use this as a service on your site, please get the latest JoomlaStart component from here

Known limitations:

Max_execution_time Must Be Set to a value bigger Than 30 seconds in your php.ini file, or disable safe_mode = Off So We Can set_time_limit in the script, if this is not possible the script will execute the full process to faille

After USE:

After using this tool for security Reasons You Should delete the file or protect it from public access!

Notes: *** important

If you plan to apply this script to an existing Joomla installation, fresh install or upgrade, please make sure you make a backup of your existing files before you start

If You Would Like a Desktop version for remote installation, we suggest you Our JoomlaDesktop tool!