We have security in firefox but sure enough, better with some of these extensions, since the first bug has already been found.
  • Dr.Web anti-virus link checker : allows you to scan the links you want to visit before you click.
  • NoScript: Allows you to block almost all malicious code, recommended by the staff vostroportale.it
  • Add N Edit Cookies : Cookies manages the various sites previously visited. Useful because it allows you to control data in addition to those sites that require modification of the data you want to send.
  • FormFox : Display email hidden under a form email in order to understand if we are sending data via secure connections SSL or not really.
  • Flashblock : Allows you to lock the flash sites you visit, you can also allow or block sites of your choice.
  • JavaScript Option: allows you to choose whether to enable Javascrpt or not, etc. ..
  • ShowIP : display l? IP of the site you’re visiting. also controls the various information in a whois etc. ..
  • Tamper Data : Allows you to view and edit the instructions sent according to the HTTP / HTTPS to carry out safety tests on web applications.
  • Siteadivisor allows you to check if the site you’re visiting a malicious website and or not.