PhpMaximus CMS Maximus 2008 is a dynamic content management, very easy to use, written in PHP. Maximus is the perfect tool to develop the Community design sites of all sizes, portals or trade associations, intranet sites, of weblogs, etc …

Take advantage of the power of the last provision of Maximus in the 2008 version, with an unparalleled flexibility of code, a quick calculation and generation of the page never achieved thanks to the whole system developed exclusively for requesting the cache server Web is strictly necessary, its kernel optimized PHP4 and PHP5 (autonomous functions that are optimized in relation to the version of PHP used) and its multitude of utilities dedicated to facilitate the work of the webmaster.

Maximus is a CMS developed by experts in the web of conscious but also demanding webmasters.

Features of PHP Maximus CMS: Version 2008
* Download quickly and without registration
* Installation is quick and professional
* System and multilingual support (via Documentation Wiki, Forums and Chat)
* Compatibility with modules, blocks and themes of the BS and Maximus PHPNuke 7.5 and +
* Systems exclusive cache html and php protected: modules, blocks, sql, themes, structure
* Security and never reached extreme-performing
* Debugger integrated phpbb type, with paper and e-mail alert system
* Timing System (time trial) is easy to manage (add, update, and delete a line)
* Advanced database administration (including mysqlTAP)
* Advanced administration of referers
* Secure management of uploading images
* Integrated FCKEditor (TinyMCE or if you prefer)
* Installation and removal of modules in one click!
* HTML system admins of the topics of system administration and users of user topics
* 35 modules (Coppermine, osCommerce, phpBB, ldap …)
* Special NukeSentinel, NSN Groups, WB Blocks Manager integration
* Motivation of users with a point system
* New simplified management of firewall
* Detailed management rights for the management of the directors of CMS
* Advanced configuration of the meta-tag for each module
* Automatic management of certified Google XML sitemaps
* Advanced Management url rewriting for each module
* Audience and integrated audience measurement (Xiti)
* New SQL layer safer, faster and easier especially for developers
* New management faster and more intuitive
* Simple authentication which facilitates access (elimination of double identification user / admin)
* New Module Your Account (look more professional)
* New management of information for each module (each module are four possible placements and select several different viewing rights)
* New management url rewriting on / off for each module
* New firewall simplified for use without complicated procedures
* Simplified image of your website (upload, delete, …)
* Management of legal information managed by
* Utility advanced statistics (includes Chrome, the latest browser google)
* All forms are available maximus installed / uninstalled in a click
* Debug multi-system configured to place footers (SQL queries, cookies, computation time sql and php, sql errors with color coded files included)
Maximus Update Inside *:)
* New Themes

Time out

In the coming days will be issued with the original French version of the new Maximus CMS (version 2008) and, subsequently, will be integrated with the Italian version.

In the meantime, you should visit Wiki Maximus where, in Italian language, you can begin to see and learn internet to make many innovations including the revolutionary new version of Maximus 2008.

For the update time of the parties in Italian … have mercy … Cyril is writing a lot and keep up with the checks and translations is not easy! :):)

The version available on the web today 09/05/2008 Cyril does not already contain the updated version in Italian … Therefore, if you want to experiment, we strongly recommend using the installer in the French putting the Italian language to complete installation. In this way, even with several speaking define still not translated, you can begin to learn internet take a lot of news covered in the new Maximus 2008
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