Office Suite and text editor (txt)

  1. OpenOffice.Org: able to import files created with the Microsoft suite, and export to PDF, EXEL.
  2. Abiword: word processor similar to Microsoft Word (try)
  3. Scribus: software for layout, similar to MS Publisher
  4. Miktex + TeXnicCenter: LaTeX distribution for Windows + Editor (latex is used to produce documents, usually scientific, well-made) . – Italian Community Latex
  5. Lyx: the first word processor documents in Latex WYSIWYM. ‘S read before installationthis and this guide.
  6. Vim: text editor, notepad advanced style, derived from * nix / Linux
  7. PSPad: advanced text editor: syntax coloring, hex, macro recording
  8. Notepad + +: Multidocument, syntax coloring, WYSIWYG, auto-completion, Macro recording and playback
  9. Context: advanced text editor
  10. nPad2: advanced text editor, written in Delphi7, different colors for language
  11. NoteTab: advanced text editor with built-in HTML editor
  12. MS OFFICE viewers: viewers of files produced with the MS Office suite

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