OpenCms is an open source CMS platform based on Java and XML technology. It is distributed by Alkacon Software under license from LGPL.

The story of OpenCms starts around 1999 with his predecessor MhtCms, which was not released Open Source. The first version was released Open Source Expo at CeBIT 2000. OpenCms is a web-based JSP / Servlet and therefore requires a servlet container like Apache Tomcat. The use also requires a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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The software product is distributed as a ZIP compressed archive containing the descrzione of installation and the Web Application Archive OpenCms ready for deployment in an application server. Installation is quite simple and is accomplished through an intuitive wizard.

Among the main features proposed are:

* Work environment can be easily used by any web browser;
* Asset and Resource Management;
* Integrated user management and permissions;
* Integrated project management and publication;
* Workflow and Task Management;
* Multilingual WYSIWYG editor (FCK Editor);
* Location International, which allows the translation of the functionality of the software in their own language (I18n);
* Versioning of content;

The administration screen of OpenCms
The administration screen of OpenCms

* Template via JSP and XML
* Multi-language capability, allows the creation of a multilingual site;
* Online-Help System;
* To publish static and dynamic content;
* Ability to easily customize;
* Caching System to increase performance;
* Extension mechanism by means of forms;
* A system of job scheduling;
* Import / export of content;
* Integration supported for native Application Server, EJB and other J2EE specifications;
* Full text search on all content posted by Lucene;
* High degree of customization thanks to the many modules available as free software with other licenses;