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Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream is a short film produced to your computer using almost exclusively open source software and released on March 24, 2006. Production began in September 2005 was initially developed under the name Orange by a group of seven artists and animators from around the world. The first idea for the title of the film was Machina, then was changed to Elephants Dream to join in a better way to how it was developed on the plot.


The film has been announced for the first time in May 2005 by Ton Roosendaal, Blender Foundation and the President of the lead developer of Blender, the leading software for modeling, 3D rendering and animation used to create the film. The project was jointly funded by the Blender Foundation and from? Netherlands Institute of Multimedia Arts. The Foundation has managed to put together most of its funds through the pre-sales of the DVD. Anyone who has ordered one before September 1 was able to see his name listed as a tail in thanks to the film. , un cluster da 2.1 TFLOPS basato su macchine Apple Xserve G5. Most of the computing power necessary to render the film has been donated by Bowie State University has made available for the project BSU Xseed [1], a cluster with 2.1 TFLOPS machines based on Apple Xserve G5.

Frame of film showing

the main characters, Emo and Proog

The purpose of the film and field trials, to develop and publicize the potential of open source software, demonstrating what can be done with such instruments in the field of? Organization and production of quality content for films.

During the development of film and thanks to this project have been added several new features in Blender as a composer based integrated nodes, rendering hair and fur [2], a new animation system and a new rendering pipeline, many adjustments ergonomic and other updates.

The contents of the films were released under the Creative Commons Attribution license [3], so that viewers can learn the secrets and use them wherever they wish. The DVD includes versions of PAL and NTSC movies on separate drives, a high definition version of how and XviD video file formats all source files of the animations.

The film can be downloaded either directly or via BitTorrent on the official website? Orange Project from May 18, 2006, along with all source files of the animations.

The plot

Elephants Dream is the story of two characters, Emo (Cas Jansen) and Proog (Tygo Gernandt) which, among strange sound effects and scenery very special, leading to the viewer? Inside a strange world made of gears and clutter, inhabited by unusual characters, like a typewriter living, a huge column of all? inside a lift, but especially a lot of really unusual birds.

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