Vemod News Mailer

Vemod News Mailer per Joomla Vemod News Mailer is an add-on for Joomla that allows you to send newsletters to your users who can subscribe by email to the items present in your joomla categories. The news sent automatically adjust.


  • Expected send automatic or manual triggering of mailings by selected users.
  • Subscribe to categories and / or sections.
  • Each category / section can be configured to compile a daily, weekly or monthly.
  • All categories / sections can be compiled into one newsletter.
  • Mail is sent only once by the recipients as BCC-Throttled copy or send e-mail with the individual.
  • Module content from up to 6 modules can be inserted into e-mail news (eg news, read most).
  • Record of previous mailings.
  • Subscribe to manage the backend.
  • Addresses can be provided.
  • Lots of language files included.
  • "More …" link after the optional number of characters in introtext or bodytext.
  • Check mail option.
  • Full HTML formatting verification e-mail with news preview window.
  • Users can select HTML or plain text format e-mail preview.
  • Automatic or manual option again not to send.
  • Database backup feature makes it easy to upgrade.
  • Stock newsletter.
  • SMS notifications.

Download Vemod News Mailer