Video editing / ripping

  1. DVD Shrink : together with a CD burning program allows you to make backup DVD-9 to DVD-5 .- Guidance on
  2. DVD Decrypter : Rip a DVD vob files to harddisk
  3. DVDFab Decrypter : Rip vob files and removes the protections
  4. Simple Divx : complete package for ripping, audio / video compression, multiplexing
  5. AutoGordianKnot (AutoGK) : complete package for beginners of DVD ripping, clear dae.dll
  6. XMPEG : video converter, it supports all the latest video compression
  7. Gspot analyzer of video / audio file, it indicates the codec used
  8. VirtualDub : excellent video editing program
  9. VirtualDub Mod : modified version that allows the creation of MKV and OGM
  10. DVDFlick : powerful tool for DVD authoring
  11. Jahshaka : Video editing and effects in real time
  12. Avid FreeDV : video editing