Utility Windows (Warning! For advanced users)

These programs allow you to keep your PC clean and safe, we suggest using with caution, because if used incorrectly can stop the PC is NOT the next reboot caused by deletion of essential system files.

  1. IObit Advanced Windows Care : optimizing many aspects of the operating system
  2. Startup Delayer : to delay the ‘autostart services or programs
  3. Codestuff Starter : manages the software that starts automatically with the operating system
  4. Startup CPL : manages the software that starts automatically with the operating system
  5. Sysinternals Utilities : defrag, management processes, command line and more.
  6. Power Defragmenter GUI : GUI for the utility from Sysinternals Contig combined are an excellent defragmenter
  7. A shell- A-Shell is based on DIRMS, which is a command line program to defragment your disks.
  8. JkDefrag : fully automatic and very easy to use, low resource usage, with several optimization strategies, stand-alone
  9. Pserv : comprehensive management services and system drivers, taskmanger, event viewer and more
  10. CCleaner : Removes unused and temporary files from your system
  1. Spacemonger keeps track of used space on your HD
  2. WinDirStat : displays good use of space on HD
  3. NTFS Reader for Win 95/98/ME : read access to NTFS partitions
  4. FreeCommander : clone TotalCommander
  5. A43 File Management Utility : file manager with advanced features (unzip, unrar, text editor)
  6. RegSeeker : Very good registry cleaner with more functions to tweak the OS
  7. XPantispy : utility to disable them automatic dislike of Windows XP
  8. Amp Winoff : scheduled shutdown of Windows
  9. RS sleeping pill : to plan actions on the system when certain conditions
  10. Renamer : program to rename a large amount of files
    1. Rename Master : program to rename a large amount of files
    1. Bulk Rename : to rename a large amount of files
  11. Megascale Multidesktop manager : allows you to create multiple virtual desktops
  12. Doublekiller : compare and delete duplicate files
  13. Dimio tools: a collection of tools to turn off PC, synchronize folders, backuappare MBR, advanced taskmanager
  14. AutoIt : Windows GUI for automation, macro
  15. Unlocker : Unlock files locked by active processes
  16. Sandboxie : Allows you to install products in a temporary cache, no impact on the system and leaving it clean